A Review on IoT Based Mobile Apps

IoT app development

Internet of Things (IoT) has been trending for quite some time and presently there have been huge developments embarked in this arena. Lately, Internet of Things has commenced an altogether new market with the name IoT application development where mobile apps can band together with the devices introduced in the IoT industry.

The IoT app development is a lot like coding and programming mobile apps in a manner that it becomes easy for us to control the real-world connected devices with the native support of Bluetooth functionality, Wi-Fi support, and other device controls. Many of Fortune 500 companies build digital interfaces (using mobile applications) that enable users and clients to have a control over their IoT gadgets. This way it is easier to extend the utility of an enterprise mobile app across worldwide audiences.

As it comes to building an app for IoT device connectivity, it doesn’t need a different level of technical expertise but it does require the developers and programmers to have an understanding of device-level APIs. Through application programming interfaces (APIs), which are the logic connectors, it becomes easy to harness the power of devices and gadgets from the Internet of Things in order to offer an impressive user experience.

Advantages that your Smartphone can deliver the IoT apps:

  • Discover devices automatically
  • Remote control their doorbells, air conditioners, windows and door of homes and other home appliances
  • Easily connect hospital equipment to networks which prevent data exposure to the third party
  • Empower connected app with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support
  • It’s easy to find the lost keys with the use of wireless technology devices

Hence, the advantages are unlimited with an outstanding level of convenience to the world and allowing everyone to maintain privacy of their routine tasks.

Next are few of the examples of available IoT mobile apps which are developed by foremost companies in the market.

Philips Hue – Personal Wireless Lighting

Philips Hue smart connect lighting has brought a tremendous change in the way you light up your homes. With a personal wireless lighting environment in your home, you can bring a striking change in your home décor. This allows you to relax or focus on your work, transforming room atmosphere and a lot more. You can get it in the Apple App Store and this way your iPhone directly controls every Philips hue product in the house. It serves as a HomeKit compatibility bridge using which it’s easy to control the light’s intensity and colors via voice commands offered to mobile devices. This way you can switch on/off the lights at home and you will receive notifications whether the lights are off or not while you leave home.

Tado – Smart air conditioning

This smart creation in the domain of IoT application development is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can install tado app on your device so as to control the cooling and heating systems in your home through your mobile phone app. It connects well with your tado° smart heater and tado° smart AC and adjusts the temperature settings of your place as per your location. Your homes will pre-heat/pre-cool before you reach there and when you are away (with its geofencing feature).

Additionally, your business mobile app is going to enhance the user’s comfort when you build apps to connect with IoT devices. You can work out data in order to collect information while offering function interfaces for the applications to execute the same function, using cloud computing. For mobile app development as public clouds using API-oriented and other related strategies are helpful in connecting the mobile technology with Internet-oriented devices.

Moreover, while it’s advantageous to build apps for IoT devices, it also needs to be ensured that the whole development process is cost-effective, real-time data-driven and resourceful for the enterprise. Going by this way it engages more traffic and generates more business. Hence, it’s evident that a mobile app engineered is advantageous for your business prospects.

Written by Arun Goyal

Arun Goyal, Managing Director at Octal IT Solution, carries profound experience in IT industry and based on that he creates an informative and engaging piece of content. Explore him through his ideas on a number of domains and as a part-time author of this blog.

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