How to run android apps on PC using Bluestacks

Run Android Apps on PC

Run android apps on PC using Bluestacks, With the growing popularity of android apps have you ever wished to play your favorites android games on the big screens of your TV or PC? Then Bluestacks is boon for all of us. You can use all of the million applications designed for android on your PC or Laptop.

Bluestacks have very simple yet magical software by which you can run all your android apps on your PC. Bluestacks is having very user friendly interface and easy to understand approach. It runs the apps on your PC as smooth as in your Smartphone.

So here goes the step-by-step procedure on how to use Bluestacks on your PC for all the beginners.

1. Download the Bluestacks by using any of the following link –

2. After downloading, double click the setup(BlueStacks-SplitInstaller_native.exe) file to begin the installation.

bluestacks installtion

Click Continue

3. Next check-mark both the ‘app store access’ and ‘app notifications’ and click Install.


Once the installation is done the following home screen will appear.


4. On the left most corner of the home screen you will find a search bar (magnifying glass icon). Just click on the icon and search for the app you want to run on your PC.

5. Install the app by clicking Install.

You will find different sources from which you can download the app. Choose any of the sources as all are totally free and your application will be downloaded in no time on your PC depending upon your internet speed.

6. Click on Run to use your downloaded app.

You can find all your installed apps in the my apps tab on the Home screen.

It will not stress the PC performance, so enjoy playing!!!!

Did you manage to run Android apps from your PC? Are there any other methods that we missed out? Let us know with a comment below. For more tutorials, visit our How to section.

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