Why Salesforce is the Ultimate Solution to Rising Businesses

The corporate sphere has grown more competitive with each growing day. The rising importance of big data and customer behaviour has made sales and marketing a little more complicated. For consumers looking for CRM vendors in a bid to meet some of these objectives, Salesforce has proved itself a great option. Salesforce brand boasts of 17 years of market share leadership and extensive experience. For many years, it has taken many businesses, both upcoming and established enterprises, to greater marketing levels. For a company that is just setting foot in the challenging commercial arena, there is a lot more to gain from Salesforce.

Continued Innovation

The corporate world is continually evolving and there is no doubt about that. What seems workable and lucrative today might not necessarily be appealing a couple of years later. The continued innovation spirit of Salesforce has made it a perfect match for many clients who are running revolutionary businesses. Many Salesforce clients would admit that they are getting involved with Salesforce, not because of what it offers today but for what it promises to deliver in three years to come. The truth of this statement lies not in the customers’ declarations but in the company’s record of accomplishment over the years. For instance, Salesforce initialised Platform as a Service market with Force.com at a time when no one thought of a cloud based platform creating a conducive environment for development of world-class apps.

Reliability at its best

For a corporate scene that is edging closer and closer to personalisation of customer experience, nothing seems more important than reliability. Salesforce brand is built on trust and reliability. At the mention of reliability, the idea of guaranteed uptime and consistent availability is what crosses our minds. For Salesforce git, the reality stretches far beyond that. It is more about upgrade than anything else. In the cloud-computing world where upgrade problem is the order of the day, finding a partner that guarantees consistent and predictable rolling out of upgrades isn’t one of the easiest things. You do not want your business to be stuck in an old-version platform when your competitors are already enjoying the benefits of the latest technology.

Easy to Manage Platform

Among the multiple CRM platforms, Salesforce stands out as a leading partner when it comes to offering user-friendly interface. One doesn’t require advanced lessons to effectively take advantage of this platform. For a growing business that is still finding its roots in the market, the last thing you would want is a jargon-design interface. With its easily customisable dashboard, you just need the basics to get started. It comes with a ready to use platform for managing opportunities and closing sales. The provision for tracking progress of deals and automation of sales make the work a lot easier for your sales team.


Integrating salesforce in your small business is going to be a necessity in the near future, for those who would like increased ROI. The least you can do is to take advantage of it now before circumstances and prevailing market conditions leave you with no option.


Written by David Wicks

With a background in product management and sales marketing, David Wicks has extensive knowledge of CRMs. Currently. He serves as a marketing director in New York based E-Commerce Company. To get more insights of his knowledge, visit flosum.com.

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