This simple app could help boost employee productivity

The achievement of targets in any organization is contingent upon the consistency of productivity level of its employees. In the modern business arena, every organization is facing new challenges regarding productivity and creating a committed workforce.

In this ever turbulent contemporary business environment, no organization can perform at the highest levels unless each employee is committed to improving the organizational productivity level.

An indispensable resource of a business is its employees, thus, their performance either automatically mars or contributes to its growth. That said, some business owners tend to fail to monitor the daily productivity of their staff.

As a result, employees’ detrimental performance is neither detected nor controlled.

But thanks to technology, organizations do not have to wait for long duration for employees’ performance appraisal programs as this app provides all that whenever wanted.

Xnspy Instagram spying app is a monitoring software for real-time tracking of employees and to prevent wasted time. It is useful for individuals and companies for remotely tracking teams, their time management, and overall productivity.

The interface:

The dashboard provides clear visuals to tell you which employees are actively engaged in their work and which are continuously distracted.

The user interface of the monitoring app is limited to a one-third of a smartphone screen. There is not much space to tweak with its appearance. However, the user can expect the app to perform the same level of tasks as its competitors but with little effort and supervision. The user interface has been designed in a simple and minimalist manner. When you open the Xnspy Dashboard App on your cell phone, you could see a list a list of features on the left side of your screen. You can toggle through these features one by one and the detail of each feature appears on the right side of your screen.

The design has been kept simple and smooth for efficient monitoring.

The App size:

Xnspy has a minimal RAM requirement bordering in the range of 512MB or so which makes it easier to run on modern cellphones. The App designers have designed the mobile app that can run without slowing down your mobile. [The minimum space to set up the app on an Android phone is no more than 5MB.] So it does not drain your phone battery.

How does this Instagram spy app work?

Employee surveillance isn’t exactly new. As Bloomberg reported last year, companies including JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America have explored systems that monitor workers to boost performance and compliance.

This employee monitoring app is not difficult to set up. There are some instructions to install Xnspy Instagram spying app. You would not find the app in the Google Play Store. Instead, you can subscribe it through their website Whether you are running a small business or an organization, you can follow these important steps for installing the app:

  • Register for the app on Xnspy’s website
  • You will receive an email having a download link and login credentials
  • Open the download link on the target Android phone
  • The app will start installing and it will be finished in 4-5 minutes.
  • After the installation, open your account by entering your login credentials and start monitoring

Employing Checklist feature:

In building a picture of typical user behavior, for instance, Xnspy can measure indicators such as the number of emails being sent, websites visited documents, and apps opened.

When someone deviates from “typical” behavior, the app alerts the employer.

Keyword detection is a feature introduced by the app by the name of ‘Watchlist’. This feature helps identify potentially shady behavior by drawing from predefined terms including swear words and slang. It can pick out, for instance, references to bigotry, misogyny, and violence or to drugs and alcohol.

Companies in the financial sector normally track staff communication to prevent insider trading. But now employers in other sectors do the same in order to monitor staff productivity, data leaks and violations like sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.

Track internet usage:

It records employee internet use and provides a simple report of websites visited and applications used. You can remotely see the number of times a website was visited along with its date and time. Besides checking the frequency, the Instagram spying app provides reports on employees’ time spent on productive and non-productive applications.

Social media monitoring:

A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center confirmed that employees are using social media at work — 77 percent of them, to be precise. With the prevalence of these platforms, even that number seems low. Employees use instant messengers for informal discussions and private chats.

The Xnspy Instagram spying app can help you monitor your employees’ activity on major social media apps. It not only tracks Instagram but you can also see the chats on Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and many others, so you can have a look at what your employees are sharing and control any unwanted activity.


Xnspy is a simple and potent monitoring app that not only helps to control unwanted productivity leakages but also helps you boost the productivity by providing advanced features to monitor employees.

Written by Jessica Alba

Janny Hall is a Web Developer at CWS Technology for more than 4 years and has worked on the diverse subject matter. Fueled by a passion, for research she provides enthusiasm through her work.

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