A Sneak Peek into the Latest Trends in Animation

Who doesn’t love animations? 2016 definitely did. The litany of great animated releases that have reached the heavenly gates of mass popularity pay testament to this, and the fact that animations are still loved and enjoyed all around the world. Films like Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets, Kung Fu Panda 3, Zootopia, The Angry Birds Movie, Trolls and more have all been widely watched, variably successful, and most importantly, completely animated.

Animation technology has developed and progressed over the years to where it is in these great movies today. An art form with very humble, physical beginnings, then 3D animation services came along, and when it comes to animation studios in India today everything is tech-aided and digitized. The topic is too wide to addressed properly here, but for a more detailed history of animation and its development check out animation studio Toolbox’s blog on the same topic. So what are the latest trends, most cutting edge advancements, and newest developments in the world of animation? Let’s take a look and find out.

The latest trends in animation

Illustrations – Hand drawing illustrations before animating them is a throwback to medieval animating techniques, but is as prevalent even today. Take 2014 smash hit Song of the Sea for example. It employs the hand drawn animation technique to great aplomb, and great applause too judging by the overwhelmingly positive response the film got post release. Turning illustrations to animation can be a painstaking process, but the final result has the potential to absolutely take the viewers breath away. Have a look at the trailer for the aforementioned Song of the Sea to get an idea of what these modern illustrated animations are like.

Isometric projections – The biggest talk of the animation town in recent times has been isometrics, and with good reason too. This is the technique by which a 3D object is displayed on a 2D plane or medium. Thanks to perspective foreshortening safeguards, the dimensional balance is preserved, making it a great hit among animators. The comfort with which 120 degree angles are created make this animation technique an extremely economical, if somewhat time consuming one.

Liquid Motion – The angularity of straight lines in transforming images can be visually jarring sometimes. Liquid motion adds a fluidity and flow to the animation making it easier for the viewer the follow, and adding a certain smoothness to the overall rendering. It is aesthetically pleasing and a great new technique that is gaining quite a lot of traction in modern times. You can watch an example of it in this great Nike: World Basketball Festival video.

Augmented Reality – Pokémon GO! Has made AR the flavour of the month again, and that is pretty great because augmented reality is very, very cool. In fact in the game itself, you can see how the animated Pokémon can be spotted jumping around in an augmented reality scenario. Marketers are seeing great potential in this tech, as are game developers and even filmmakers, so expect more augmented reality meets animation mayhem to pop up in the near future. For now get a taste of things to come with this adorable video made by an amateur animator to give you an idea of what we are talking about.

India is one of the throbbing centers on animation worldwide, and you will find many 2D animation services, along with more high-tech 3D options across the country. So if you want to make an animated video to market your product, or one that you think will convey your message to the world using the same techniques we alluded to earlier, there are animation services in India capable of delivering just that.

Written by Anoop Chaphekar

A visual effects producer based out of Pune, India, Anoop handles VFX and other projects at Toolbox Studio. He has more than 15 years of professional experience in the Animation and Visual Effects industry. Anoop has an educational background in Fine Arts and has wide-spread experience in bidding, resource planning, onset supervision, visual effects, commercials and broadcast design among other things.

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