Talent Acquisition Through Social Media For Small Businesses

While traditional job ads and postings remain to be a popular source of leading potential candidates to apply for vacant job positions, the world of social media has revolutionized the way companies fish on the most able employee to get attracted to their company and apply. SocialHR techniques are constantly on the rise as they humanize the recruiting process, giving graduates the chance to interact with their employers in real-time and gauge the suitability of opting for that company or not.

Job seekers who are actively on a job search, 60% of them often expect the place where they are applying to interact with them and the followers of their brand. Furthermore, recruiters have also felt an increased ease in hiring people via social media platforms with 20% of them reporting that is far less time-consuming. In this talent-hungry market scenario, leveraging the power of social media creates a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer and helps garner the best talent out there.

Show potential candidates a picture of their bright future

The millennial generation is highly passionate and career-oriented and often aspire to be associated with a brand name that will ensure growth and prosperity in the long run. Just like you need to build a reputable brand to showcase to the corporate world similarly potential candidates need to be shown a side of the company they would strongly like to be associated with. A fresh graduate always equips himself with the basic knowledge to further is goals. For this purpose, you can make attempts to publicize success stories about your company that imply growth, creativity, and exemplary performance. Next, you could even carry out initiatives to cater to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) that you carry on your shoulders as a part of the corporate community.

Give out information about the viability and bright prospects of the niche and industry you are operating in. Graphics and infographics giving evidence of this growth is an even more fruitful idea. Endorsements and valuable customer feedbacks add the finishing touches to your reputation as a trustworthy name in the market.

Are you on their friends list?

An enthusiastic fresh graduate makes sure that he knows about certain things before applying to an organization. For this purpose, he consults about 18 resources during his job search as per the Candidate Behavior Study by The CareerBuilder 2015. Often these sources are mostly online such as online referrals, search engines or through job boards and most importantly social networking sites.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages showcasing the culture of your organization can do wonders in convincing the youth. Engaging the potential candidate in the digital environment is a major achievement. Put up documentaries about your company culture and see the number of visitors that it will generate. Give them a solid reason to render their services to you and give them insight on topics that are likely to interest then like telecommuting, interview and CV building tips, networking, professionalism and the like.

Even snapchat has emerged as a viable platform to showcase the company culture. The world of social media has certainly taken the hiring and recruitment process by storm.

The job search has gone mobile

The smartphone device has made job seekers more connected on the go and into a well-knit community. The smartphone keeps the millennial generation logged on to social networking 24/7 and also on the quest for a job everywhere they go. What interests them is when the procedure to apply for a certain position is just a click away. Such is the revolution which has been brought about by technology.

Job candidates are often searched on social media sites to get an insight into their real personalities and social gatherings which often speaks volumes about them. This fact can be backed by the statistics that manifested itself in a survey in spring 2015 from Careerbuilder that said that 52% of the employers out of 2000 of them confessed that they research about the candidate on social media sites.

Stay connected to acquire the best talent in town

Just like fresh graduates and active job seekers are advised to network as much as they can to make their presence be felt similarly recruiters should also try to present the most attractive pitch to educational networks so that they can attract and hire the best talent. Their target market should be the keenest and highly diligent students who have recently graduated from colleges and universities across the globe as all are striving to prove their mettle. All they need is a good opportunity.

You need to make your employer brand message viral so that professional student organizations, career centers, and professors are aware of the vacancies in your company and can then provide talent that matches their requirement. You can always publicize your brand through your Facebook page and then as per the response carry out a recruitment drive or an online test followed by a skype interview. Social media platforms can be a great way to gauge the enthusiasm of your target audience. With the added advantage of referrals and recommendations of the institute and the professors, what else does a recruiter need?

Hiring new graduates calls for being aware of their needs and then being there to cater to them.

Written by Ronald Mccarthy

Ronald Mccarthy is a keen follower of the latest disruptions in the online marketing industry and has been known to contribute his opinion on a variety of conventional and unconventional marketing domains like brand management, product diversity, the app revolution, lead solutions and other related topics. His pieces are intriguing and interesting to the general and expert reader.

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