What is Text Compare tool? Why use it?

Text compare tool

Text Compare is simply a tool to compare two different plain text files or document files, or written text to check similarities and plagiarism. This tool allows you to highlight each and every line or sentence which is same as it is in the other file. It helps you catch the issues more accurately as it skips the whole web search and simply takes the similarities among two provided contents. Very helpful in respect of making assignments or writing articles. It ensures you that your content is not copied by your fellow workers or other article writers and will have you present a unique copy.

The basic use of this is to catch the cheating and similarities. Teachers and universities use this tool to compare assignments of different students between each other. Or simple check of assignments with provided notes to see if the content was taken out from it or was self-made. Sometimes a specified need is to only check similarities between the content you have without a care that it’s plagiarized from the web or not. So, Text Compare tool will help you. Article writers and webmasters should widely use this tool. Unique articles and blog writings are loved by Google search engine and they love to index and rank it. If the content is matched with your competitor’s content, then it will simply get a red flag on your site. This tool will help you to compare it with your competitor and you will have a peace of mind that your content is better and original.

Such tools should be on hands when you are doing your writing. Before a final submission, it’s a must to check your writings over it and compare it with others. To check your content and compare it with the whole web. Simply, use the plagiarism checker tool which will let you search for similarities with over 8 billion web pages.

Open Text Compare tool and paste both of your contents in each text box. Click to compare and in a matter of seconds, you will have precise and accurate results for about everything. A ratio will simply appear in between the copied and unique sentences.

You can also check if someone is copying your work which you created from vast research and hours of hard work. Assignments or articles, this tool is equally helpful in both. You can report others and claim them for copyright as well if you see a web page copying your work. Basically, a very helpful tool in almost all the issues of plagiarism.

Copyscape :

Copyscape is completely free for everyone. It points out any type of duplicate content on your website or on other websites. Duplicate content is pointed out by Google and on further work, the websites using duplicate content are pulled down in ranking. So, if you want to avoid that problem Copyscape is defiantly the best options for you. This webmaster is best especially if there are a lot of contributors on the same website or even if you are a blogger or an e-commerce website owner. It is very easy to use and free of cost, all you have to do is enter your website URL and it will point out other websites that have similar web content.

Written by Kash Pals

Kash Pals is a writer and she has an experience in writing her own blogs. She writes articles for different categories such as food, travel, lifestyle, business etc.

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