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The increased mobile usage has led to enhanced business opportunities and today is the time when every entrepreneur is keenly adopting mobile app development in order to enhance sales. However iOS or Android poses numerous challenges. We see more and more businesses interested in getting an app developed so that they can reach out to their customers. So before you build an app, it’s vital that you answer these top 10 questions in order to move in the right way:

 1. What is the Purpose and Motivating Factor for Building the App?

Well, when you decide to build an app, it’s not because you just want instead you have a purpose. So what’s the purpose exactly and why are you keen to develop the app. Now fame and money are neutral and standard factors, but what matters the most is having a clear vision and passion ensuring what your app is actually able to accomplish.

2. How to Protect the App Idea?

Keep your app idea a secret. You need to ensure that nobody else uses it, or discloses it, prior to the launch. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), in that regard, comes around as a huge help. However, it’s necessary that you understand the basic requirements as you sign the NDA. Don’t restrain yourself from the important discussion with those assisting you with the app instead you can postpone the NDA part and share just the non-proprietary information regarding the app idea. This information may comprise of a general focus of the app, compare them with similar apps, platform that you might not be interested to launch the app on, timeline and budget.

3. Which is the Most Appropriate Platform for the App?

Android is the most favored platform for all apps and it comes across as best when you require features not supported by iOS. In case of consumer-oriented apps, go with iOS, as iOS users match key demographics necessary for their early-stage ventures. At the same time they spend lot more time with the app while stay engaged for longer period. iOS based apps are also way easier to build and they are faster.

Thus it’s advised that you weigh your priorities and accordingly ask an expert for advice. It’s better to research and bit and take an informed decision accordingly.

4. What Makes the App Different or Special?

You will find myriad apps on the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store as well as amongst Windows Apps. So what is that striking feature that makes your app special? Well, it’s vital to have a clear idea of the differentiating factors, how the user experience is going to be, what is your geographical target market, etc. This works as the compass when various directions are there.

5. How Much is the App Going to Cost?

The app cost can be determined on the basis of your app features, platforms you target, along with other factors. A brilliant app costs up to six figures for promising startups having bigger ideas. After identifying the key considerations, app developers determine budget and accordingly predict comparable costs in their comprehensive analysis.

What influences app cost is who you choose to build the app. In case you choose the largest app developers, the cost is going to be really high. However, when you go for freelancers, the cost is a lot lesser. Offshore app development is again a cheaper option however it poses challenges and risks.

6. How Long is it Going to Take to Build the App?

You need around 4 to 6 months to create quality apps however there are various ways you can opt for to build app a lot faster. Though keep in mind this range doesn’t comprise of the development time required. Those building apps in a strategic manner, it is going to consist of strategic planning, design, UX, quality assurance, app store submission and various other steps. Following these stages you can ensure that your app is meeting all the elements required in building a brilliant app. This process is useful in determining how much time it is going to take to come up with the final product.

7. In What Ways Can I Raise Money for the App?

Prior to beginning with app creation, it’s necessary that you raise money for the entire process. Various of early-stage business ventures are mostly capital intensive and it’s necessary that you rely on trusted investors in order to get the app through. However as you approach any investor, make sure that you have worked on the pitch really well. After all it’s your pitch that conveys the purpose of the app in short. You must have marketing materials such as logo, email address besides Yahoo! And Google, app landing page etc. With positive approach you can easily convince your investors. Invest your funds into the app as this way you can contribute majorly to your app success beyond investing your thought, time and effort.

8. How Often Does the App Need an Update?

Your job is not done just by launching the app, as it’s just the beginning. Ensure that your business is growing constantly and for that you must update your app in order to attract and retain users. It’s advised to release 1 to 4 updates per month as per your user feedback, app roadmap and budget. Your updates must be timed with major OS releases. Frequent updates for the app generate higher level of excitement amongst users making them stay active.


Once you consider answer to these questions, it’s a lot easier to determine the success of your app in app stores.

Written by Jitendra Jain

Jitendra Jain is marketing and sales head at Octal Info Solution, a leading mobile app development company, offering platform to hire android / iPhone app developers for your own app development project.

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