Three Tips to Create Content for the Best WordPress Tutorial

Do you know WordPress? How many years of experience you have in WordPress? Are you aware of WordPress hosting? Do you know to handle the administration side, plugins and security features of WordPress? – These are some common questions one faces if they are attending interviews for the post of web developer. WordPress is the latest and most popular tool to create websites with amazing themes and astounding content. Be it a big website or a small website, WordPress supports all functionalities required to make the website look neat, aesthetic and appealing to viewers. While there are many ways of learning WordPress, web developers prefer to read this new programming technology via online tutorials. Why? It is easy to learn and understand by self. Secondly, it can be installed and one can play around with its abundant feature set. Last but not the least, audio and video materials are available in surplus across the World Wide Web for helping one to master WordPress all by themselves.

Tips to Write Best WordPress Tutorials

While there are many blogs that talk about how to learn and master WordPress from tutorials, here the discussion is about how to create WordPress tutorial so that more and more people view the website and get benefitted. So, here are three tips to create a beautiful, knowledge oriented and easy to learn WordPress tutorial for eager minds. Go through the page and get enlightened about the same:

Start from beginning

Remember, the ones who will be visiting your blog are those who have zero or little knowledge about WordPress and WordPressHosting. Hence, the first tip is to collect as much as information about WordPress and introducing it to the audience. This will invest interest and makes it easy for audience to follow what you wish to convey. Make the tutorial pages small and add a Q and A section to every topic. These tests can be made interactive and the results can be published immediately which will make your audience feel more interested in their daily lessons.

Add audio and video tutorials

How to install word press? How to install MySQL database? How to create my first website? These are the baby steps for anyone who wishes to learn WordPress. Rather than sounding theoretical, if you can create a video tutorial explaining the different steps in detail for the audience to follow easily. The additional advantage of video tutorials is that one can clearly replay the video time and again to refresh the subject rather than sitting and studying pages of written documentation thereby saving time.

FAQ and discussion forums

The last tip is to make the WordPress tutorial web page interactive by creating discussion forums and frequently asked questions page. This will help the audience to contact the tutorial developers and get their queries answered. This also paves way for group discussions wherein eager learners of WordPress can interact and share their expertise. Most of the time, developers can learn plenty of techniques from discussion forums rather than theoretical lessons.

If one follows these tips and create a tutorial for WordPress bridging the gap between theory and practical knowledge, learning this tool is not at all hard. WordPress is by and large the most famous website creator tool of today and many people are using the Bigrock offers to get a WordPress website done by expert developers. Being a tutor of WordPress is not a hard job at all, if one creates a knowledge base with all information and make their followers repeat their instructions and get highly benefited from the instructions and tips shared.

Written by Vinod Kardam

Vinod kardam is an expert writer and professional blogger, writing about technology related topic like wordpress, webdesign, mobiles etc.

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