Tools you Must Use before Starting a Business

Tools you Must Use before Starting a Business

Many people do not understand just what is involved in starting a business and unfortunately when they do they become overwhelmed. Some of them are so overwhelmed that they quit before they actually get started.

Here is a list of tools that will help reduce the anxiety and stress in starting your business.

Market Research Tools

Every business needs market research big or small and yours is no different, these tools below can help you with that.

1. Google Shopping Insights. This does pretty much the same job as Google Trends but it is for use with the US market. If part or all of your business is in the US market you are going to need to use this along with Google Trends. It is extremely easy to use and shows you what areas are interested in your product and if you look at the graph you will see the popularity of the search.

2. QWILR’s Ad spend calculator this tool will guide you through inputting one or two numbers about your business then give you results of what your CPC should be.

3. Survey Monkey you will use this tool to talk to your potential customers to get their opinion in order to get rather accurate targeting and as well as help in designing your product.

4. Buzzsumo this tool will allow for you to investigate key words and see the trendiest articles for that search; the results are based on social shares.

First impression of your website or product

We all know first impressions are important, with your website it is no different. Your website is the first contact potential customers have with you. You need that first contact to be good, for the potential customer to see your best side.

1. Namemesh is a tool that helps you come up with the perfect name for your business, you add 2 or 3 words that best describe your business an example is plumber plumbing pipes and it will give you a name.

2. DesignMantic is quick and easy to use, you simply put in your company name and what industry it is in; design mantic will give you several logos to choose from. These can be used temporarily as they are rather generic until you find a better design.

3. Essay Solutions is a content writing service which guarantees unique and high-quality content for your site.

Payroll & Accounting

All businesses need payroll and accounting and while you may think you can do it by hand at first; it will be better if you use a program to keep things organized and done on time. It will keep you on track with taxes as well.

1. Freshbooks this will allow you to send recurring invoices, know when the invoice has been viewed, accept credit card payments on your invoices, and create estimates and quotes. It will also make tax time easier as you can generate reports on all your expenses, invoices, and payments.

2. Zenpayroll is a paid tool that is paid monthly; it allows you to add employees as you go. It also does the setting up of taxes for your new hires, paying contractors (including their tax needs) and can even do automatic tax filings for you.


When you first start a business there are many things that you need to do, which can get a bit overwhelming. The tools listed above will help you with some of the more important tasks that must be done; some are free some are paid tools that less expensive than some of the others on the market.

Using these tools will also free up more of your time for other important tasks that must be done as you start your business and work on growing it.

Written by Keswood

Kerry Creaswood is a successful writer and blogger, who works at Ghost Professors. She is featured on many sites related to marketing, business and career.To know more about Kerry – check her Twitter

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