Top 10 Car Leasing Apps of 2016

Car Leasing Apps

Do you want to lease a car? Are you struggling hard to understand the concept and do it perfectly? Don’t worry as now; there are several Smartphone applications to make the job easier for you. Just download them and they will definitely make the impossible task quite smooth. Be it Android, BlackBerry or iPhone, you will find applications for all, and it would just take few minutes of your time.  Given below are some of the best apps; have a look…


This is a car lease kit and contains all essential tools for consumers who want to lease the car. This enables them to have complete control over the deals. With this app, you can easily avoid costly mistakes, save money, spot dealer abuses and understand leasing concepts.


Want to save on your lease miles? Download Carticipate and enjoy the benefits. This app allows you to find other people with Carticipate so that carpooling is possible. Just drop in the location where you need to go and then find others who wish to travel on the same route. This would make your commuting very easy and less costly.

Lease meter

With Lease Meter, the lease miles can be tracked, along with possible penalty costs. This app helps in adjusting the driving habits and does a calculation of average miles that must be driven. This helps in avoiding excess miles.


This application helps in managing and recording vehicle mileage as well as the expenses for business and personal use. You can always keep a check on the efficiency of the fuel, thereby maximizing potential for tax reductions. Convenient personal trip miles records can be kept. Then, it also offers an option of e-mailing the records, by selecting specific categories and dates.


This application is an auto finance and lease calculator for all those car shoppers. You can have a complete control over the process of the lease and also know how much monthly payment has to be done. This would save you from the clutches of those dictating dealership terms and help you make the most of the deal. It is your hard earned money and you must know that no one has the right to take an advantage of that; hence, go for proper calculations.  With this easy to use application, the task of calculating monthly payments of used or new car becomes easy. Moreover, the process is accurate and fast. For getting the calculation, you need to provide variables like Negotiated price, MSRP, down payment, rebates, trade-in terms, money factor, residual value, tax rate, interest rate and more.

Car finance boss

This is a car lease and a car loan calculator app having all necessary functionalities. Dealers and buyers both can make use of this app. You get to know about your monthly payments for the car lease, then configurable sales tax, and also fees that have to be paid up front. Moreover, you can do a thorough comparison of buying and leasing options. Even deals can be saved for future updating and review.

Car lease calculator free

With this app, monthly car leasing payment is calculated. The majority of the times, when you go to a dealer in Dubai to lease the car, he just gives a monthly amount. Often, it leaves you confused as to why this figure, isn’t it? Sometimes, there might be a hidden cost that probably the dealer hasn’t mentioned to you. This application solves all your doubts. All values would be provided, thereby making it easy to compare and calculate the payment amounts. The net cap cost is calculated, by considering the negotiated price, the trade-in values, the down payment, the credits, and costs.

The residual value can be automatically calculated from the MSRP. Then, calculate the finance charge on either interest rate or the money factor. A detailed report is also provided including total lease cost, total finance fee, and depreciation value. The calculation can be saved for future comparison or use. Moreover, it has added monthly tax options and so that the process becomes easier.  This is an ad-supported and a free application and uses permissions to support ads.


Leasematic delivers full-featured, intuitive and accurate results so that the complex process of auto lease becomes simpler. Moreover, even loan calculations are taken care of. Compare, delete, copy, edit or save the deals, while browsing. Secondly, you can also get informative breakdown detailing about monthly payments and cap costs.


Honcker will change the way of car leasing. The process is very easy i.e. just 3 swipes. It is a very good way to lease a car with low pricing. You get every possible information i.e. real time prices, car search, and lease agreements.  The process becomes an accurate and easy one.

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