Top 10 Resume Writing Apps of 2017

Resume Writing Apps

You could spend hours trying to craft the ideal kind of resume. Truth be told; even if you spend hours, most HR managers won’t even waste their time perusing through it. Why is this so? They are looking for a straightforward document!

Creating a perfect resume from scratch is always a challenging problem. Regardless if you’re an ex-campus student or a professional, you always need a resume to hunt for a job. A resume is always the first document that you need to present to a potential employer. There are a variety of apps on Google play store that can easily help you build a great looking resume from your smartphone. A good app helps you create an ideal resume that suits the job that you’re searching for and points out the highlights of your personal profile. Take advantage of this type of resume writing service that you can access from your phone or tablet.

The following are some of the popular top ten apps if you’re looking for a professional resume solution:

1. Slash CV

This is a service that permits you to make an awesome and great looking resume with a lot of ease. The main advantage with this is that you might as well give out your resume by use of other links on the site. Slash CV as well allows downloading your resume in PDF format and directly saving to Dropbox which can be accessed on your computer or phone.

Slash CV is more common as it has a few pros. They include; it has a nice platform, which is free and hence no sign up is required and it has some designs that are just pleasant! These pros make it the ideal resume app and very popular.

2. Resumonk

Besides giving a number of easy and amazing ways to utilize resume builders and templates; Resumonk gives professional resume compiling tricks that could make your resume standout and possibly give you an edge over your competition. Resumonk has outstanding services that are not common to other resume apps. This is because you enjoy public hosting. This host consists of unique and pleasant designs. The Resumonk app has plenty of text options in its editor and much more to make your resume more appealing.

Resumonk has a few pros and cons which include; a direct way of pricing normally paid accounts. It also has well-formed templates that could make your resume more attractive to the hiring managers.

3. Visual CV

Visual CV is a free service that you can use to make your resume dynamic. This service is popular as it helps you to interact with various corporate entities thus giving you an audience with top prospective companies.

Visual CV is in the league of the best and friendlier options as it permits Linked in and existing resume file import. Visual CV has a nice premium bundle, as it offers two options to pick from. It is well known for its perfect editor that’s powerful and has easy to use.

4. My Resume / CV Builder

One notable feature about this My Resume/CV Builder is that it asks for basic information while it’s creating a resume. Immediately after you fill in the information, you can also choose the format in which you want the resume to have. The interface of the app is well organized as you can easily find the options here.

The only limiting factor of the app is that it’s impossible to preview the resume until it’s created. It could have been better, in my view, if you could see a “live” version of your CV as you continue to fill in more information. However, the app automatically saves created resumes in PDF format and can also edit the previous copies. Who knew that you could get access to a resume writing service on your mobile device!

My resume app comes with with a wide range of professional resume samples that you can choose from. It has an added advantage in that you can still update your resume. Generally, my resume app is good though its use interface could be better.

5. Make My Resume

Make My Resume is unique from the rest in that it allows you to choose a template for your resume before you can actually start putting your personal details. This happens to be a useful feature as you’re allowed to have an idea of how the resume would look like. All that you need to do is just add your information, select your layout and the rest Make My Resume will do for you. Just like My Resume, Make My Resume also allows you to edit your other existing resumes.

The app further lets you customize your resume by allowing you to choose your font, the color, and size. It also gives you the choice of including your signature on the resume or the date.

6. Resume Genius

Resume Genius is also a renowned resume tool that guides you through the toughest concepts. It enables you to draft. It also ensures that you can format it, and you can also organize it to make the first step easier. You can then export it to a PDF.

Resume Genius has a great user interface, amazing user templates and a clear group of initially written items which are used in virtually any type of job.

Resumes genius has its limiting factor as that you have to skim through the hoops in order to retrieve the resume.

7. Super Resume

The Super resume app postures as an absolutely free resume builder in which you get to create your resume at no cost. However, you begin to incur costs when you need to download your resume as you have to pay at least $2.50.

Nonetheless, it’s very efficient in terms of use as the app offers you a variety of options to select. You can actually start with previously filled resume sample content where you can increase your content.

8. CV Maker

CV Maker is an easy but free solution for crafting excellent resumes. With CV Maker, at the cost of nothing, you can actually do a lot. For instance, you can have your resume saved in an accessible format. Which can get through individual links at your convenience. Thereafter, you can export it to any format that you may prefer be it html, txt, pdf, rtf and many other formats.

You can also make your resume without any sign-up. It has a few pros which include; plenty of editing options, simple customer interactive interface, and free hosting. CV Maker also has two cons which are; there is no exact way in which you can preview designs and limited templates section.

9. Smart Resume/ CV Builder

If you’re contemplating to coming with a resume and you’ve never done so before, Smart Resume Builder will provide you with a professional resume solution. This app will assist you in organizing all the required information to coming up with a resume or CV that’s worth respect. The app boasts of an easy to use interface that enables you to create resumes in a few minutes. Using this app, you will find that there are different templates available to use, thus easing the whole process.

This app has an advantage in that you can review your document and can send it from the comfort of your phone via email. Smart Resume Builder will also help you avoid mistakes such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc., which could potentially cost you the job of your lifetime.

10. Monster Jobs

Monster Jobs is the app that can help you get our desirable job through the professional resume solution it offers. Through this app, you can search, view and apply for job positions and even add notifications according to your criteria. This app allows you to upload your CV/resume from your Dropbox or Google drive easily. In addition, it has a resume writing service that you can leverage on.

When you’re done with your CV, you can go ahead and print it, save it or email it. This app is much more effective compared to most of them mentioned above.


Do you still think that it’s difficult to build a professionally looking resume? Well, now you can see how easy it is with the apps mentioned above. Having a smart and presentable resume, you are better placed to land interviews as. By using such software writing software and apps, you can rely on professional works that could produce a neat resume.

Written by Charles Ebert

Charles is a career mentor, motivational speaker & human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector. Apart from career mentoring, he loves photography and football. Find him on, Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

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