Top 20 Bright Web Designs to Rock this Summer

Well, with summer on the way, use these hot, bright and sunny days to bolster your business in the long run. If you’re serious about your business, create a public face for your brand or company. A website is one of the important vehicles to communicate and interact with your target audience. Don’t underestimate the importance of a bright website design in turning your visitors into buyers, loyal customers, subscribers…whatever your goal. More and more people are Googling for information to help them make buying decisions. Let your website pop up in these hungry visitors’ search engine results. Feast your eyes on these Top 20 Bright Web Designs to rock this summer and make your project a summer sensation. If you’re ready to improve your online presence, choose TemplateMonster for your delicate taste. TemplateMonster is here to help you.

As the online world becomes increasingly visual, there’s a growing need for representing your unique business via your bright website. Like it or not, but over 70% of people prefer to buy or sell products and services online.Moreover, people are always ready to buy. So stay top of mind with your prospects until they decide that they need what you’re selling. In this way, a customer-friendly website with the user’s needs in mind is imperative.

So, don’t talk yourself out of creating a modern and bright website today. The bad? Who knows where to start? Don’t fret. Keep calm and go WordPress. Why WordPress? For you WordPress means simplicity, the benefit of a massive amount of time and money, greater security, easier customization, quality and the free will to design your website the way you wish it to. You have a mission or goal you’re moving toward, right? Of course, you do.

Summer is the best time to rethink your expectations from your business as it is and decide what is the best way to accomplish them. We’ve selected here 20 great examples of bright web designs, all of which are crafted with care to help you build a website with a custom functionality. When a visitor lands on your site by accident, a clean, attractive and bright web design captures the attention and evokes positive moods. No matter what you sell, products or services, your prospects need to know you and your mission.So help them. Build an eye-catching and bright website design and make them feel confident they need what you’re selling.

What’s more, many of business owners don’t pay attention to filling out the Contact forms. Make no mistake. Keep in mind, every customer who bought from you is valuable. Continue communication with your customers, sharing upcoming events, news, informative posts, and promotional material.

Your website’s design carries important role – it guides a visitor through your site in as straight line as possible. Every page of your site should convey the message leading to an action that benefits your profit. Besides, customers also tend to stay longer if a site contains video. What’s even more, they are more likely to return. That’s the goal. No regrets. Include engaging product videos and customer testimonials to increase conversions. Needless to say, that your website must be responsive. People browse and shop on their phones throughout a day. So if you want to get the most traffic possible, go responsive. With WordPress keep peace in mind, your website is responsive from the start. Convinced yet? Enjoy this compilation and make your pick.

Julie Bernerro – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

onal Photographer WP Theme

Details | Demo

Inigo – Night Club WordPress Theme

b WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hotel Bliss Responsive WordPress Theme

otel Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

EcoTech – Environment and Eco Saving Technology WordPress Theme

ent and Eco Technology WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

QuickWind – Yachting & Voyage Charter WordPress Theme

& Voyage Charter WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Identiz – Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Creado – Bright Art Gallery WordPress Theme

ery WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Magic – Multipurpose Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

CarProtect – Auto Insurance Company WordPress Theme

rance WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Guillermo – Business Coaching WordPress Theme

ch Training WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Presstige – Bright Printing Services WordPress Theme

Printing WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fashionia – Fashion Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme

ashion Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Glossy Look – Fashion Blogging WordPress Theme

Blogging WordPress Theme with Trendy Design

Details | Demo

Bookit – Modern Hotel Services WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

Greenfield – Lawn Mowing Company WordPress Theme

ntenance WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Tasty Bites – Cooking Blog WordPress Theme

Beverages WP Theme

Details | Demo

BookGroup – Publishing Agency WordPress Theme

lishing WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Laredo – Exterior Design Company WordPress Theme

Design Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Remi – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

pher WP Theme

Details | Demo

Kustrix – Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

og WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

To get back to the point, build a bright website design to help your business stand out from the standard array of other websites. Just in case you don’t have a sharp eye for web design, contact TM Service Center to help you guide your efforts. Whatever the reason to use attention grabbing and bright web design, don’t miss out on a huge opportunity to tell the story of your mission. Think of it this way – it’s not as hard as you think. Really. Fear not to show your prospects you dare to let your creativity run. Don’t be afraid to be brave enough to allow bright and vibrant colors shine through your modern and eye-grabbing website.It would be in your own interest to make your bright web design stand out and attract attention. Keep your eyes open. Check out these top 20 bright web designs to stimulate your senses. All of them are ready to use for your next compelling case. If you need more bright web designs, find here a collection of beautiful WordPress themes and use their unique layouts for the promotion of your business. Keep your customers draw in and engaged to come back for more.

Written by AllisonReed

Allison is a professional writer and marketing specialist contributing for most famous vendors like TemplateMonster. Affiliate manager by day and a writer by night, she is creating many articles on business, marketing, design and web development. She loves working with WordPress and sharing her experience with the readers.

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