Top 3 Apps That Every Businessman and Customers Should Have In Their Android Devices

“I built a product without understanding the market or the users”

–Sandi MacPherson – Editor-in-Chief, Quibb–

Nowadays, business persons are very wise in developing their business. Some of them starts with a great business idea or plan having a great app in their android devices that is why their business is be a profitable venture from the market. This is what the technology had influence all the human being that even a single time of their life, they engage technology as their primary hobby like ordering online, chatting with other business person online without going into a meeting place or having a conference meeting where they likely to do a video call through apps that is invented by some great I.T. experts. Through this app your task will be easy that you can complete it within a spare time, then it would be a time-saving, and efficiency-boosting apps. This apps are called Retail Management where you can manage your activities like planning, inventory control, financial management, logistics and point of sale transactions. If the business person needs productive sales app, customers also need to have an application where they can buy or purchase because in this generation, most of the people are busy of their activities that they are tired to go in an actual store. So here are the top 5 apps that you will surely like it.

1. Shopify: Sell Online Ecommerce

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market which is very useful app in play store where it handles everything from marketing to payments which includes payments from mobile, a secure shopping cart, and also shipping. It is designed to help you manage your orders and products, and for the customers is to buy it with no hassle. Their process orders is to fulfill the needs, refund if the customers are not satisfied with the products or archive orders. They also manage tags and notes, contact customers and etc. Aside on how they process the orders, they also manage products wherein they add, edit products and variants, manage tags, define product visibility on sales channels and sync with 3rd party sites to sell on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and more. Then, they follow up their customers by reviewing the store performance which can be seen so they can compare sales across your online store and other sales channels. Next, is they communicate with the timeline where they leave comments and mention staff on orders. And lastly, they extend their store features with apps just like Facebook, Messenger, and etc.

2. Square Point of Sale-POS

Square Point of sale is a free app in play store which you everything you need to take payments and run your business. This app accepts credit cards payments with a Square Reader or Square Stand. Your funds are deposited fast in your bank which you can see money in your bank account. You can use it to keep track sales and inventory in real time, manage items and also your employees, and view the analytics about your business. Square Point of Sale has everything you need in order to start, run and grow your business from your Android phone point-of-sale device which includes the new features that will satisfy on how you manage your business.  After you download it, you can request your free square card reader for android at sign up and you can trust their service because your information are encrypted to avoid unauthorized usage of your credit cards.

3. Pepperi Sales Rep App

Pepperi Sales Rep app is an enterprise sales app where it is designed to present catalogs, to take orders, prepare sales reports from the products and track the sales order, it performs in-store merchandising, and much more. With over a thousand customers in 54 countries and 13 different languages with a dozen of industries, pepperi is the only #1 e-catalogue that serves all sizes of business- from a sole proprietorship to multinational manufacturers and distributors. Their modules includes unlimited dynamic categories for all your product, merchandising is easy with high resolution photos with multiple view options, and customizable fields. The service is very great in terms of ordering product customers can set up future order dates. They can also get discount policies that depends on the order size such as buy x, get y free, or buy x, get y at z% discount and also tiered discounts which you are encourage to buy larger quantities of product so that discounts can be applied based on how many products you buy. Business management is easier if you use pepperi sales rep app whether you own a small business or a large business.

And lastly, having a business is a great opportunity in our life. Applications that the businessman they use is not the bases to have a successful business but on how they manage their business. Remember, applications they use are the secondary options to make your business successful.

So what applications do you think that suits your needs in terms of selling products or purchasing goods and services? Leave a comment below to let us know which apps that fits your choice, or leave a review of your favorite solution.

Written by janicejaramillo89

Janice Jaramillo is a twenty something who loves to write various topics . She likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences.

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