Top Educational Apps for Children

Top Educational Apps for Children by

You know what they say, when you can’t beat them, join them. The last few years have brought us the massive boom in the mobile app industry, with over a million applications available in Apple Store and Google Play combined. As it normally happens, the youngest ones are the testers and bearers of the new technologies. Instead of forbidding your kids to play their favourite videogames, infiltrate some of these educational apps in their free time. Win-win!

Cookie Monster’s Challenge

Top Educational Apps for Children

Who’s up for some cookies? The name of this app is certain to attract a great deal of children, whatever the age. However, this is predominantly a starter app for the preschoolers when its educational purpose is concerned. The Sesame Workshop and PBS Kids have joined forces to build the Cookie Monster Challenge app that prepares youngsters for school.

Essentially, the game is supposed to help children focus and teach them how to follow directions while maintaining self-control. The application has nine mini game levels that will occupy your child’s attention in a good way while they’re blissfully trying to collect the pieces for a Cookie Monster contraption.

WWF Together

The World Wildlife Fund is a worldwide NGO that campaigns for preservation of biodiversity and wildlife through carbon print reduction programmes and sustainability practices. The WWF Togethe app is a thrilling game for animal lovers, regardless of age. It provides detailed information about a wide range of species such as whales, pandas, elephants and sea turtles.

Kids will certainly be delighted to find out how far they live from their favourite animal, which is one of the game’s features. They can also play with a digital origami animals or turn on the “tiger mode” which allows them to observe things from the tiger’s perspective.


It’s a treat to have a game like this available free of charge, as it teaches something so complex and useful as coding. The objective of every level is to transport coloured crates from one place to another by means of claw crane you programme to pick up crates, drop it, and move left or right.

This game is an offspring of an iPad native coding app named Codea, which utilized programming language Lua for inspiration. Primary school students will strengthen their logical thinking and they will eventually use it for real text-based programming with Lua.


Top Educational Apps for Children by

This adorable and picturesque point and click game was developed for BBC’s educational site by the guys in Amanita Design, the creators of masterpieces such as Machinarium, Botanicula and the Samorost series. The game is of an exploratory character and tackles a number of subjects in Math, English and Science. The main mission of main character is to retrieve the hat of his friend by solving the tasks that bring him closer to it. This arty piece with quirky soundtrack is bound to attract both kids and adults.

Wolfram Alpha

Basically, this is a reference searching app that allows kids to find valuable and legitimate sources for the topic they’re interested in. This includes a wealth of statistical data and answers to the most diverse questions. The educational content is too advanced for the younger kids, but the middle school and high school students can benefit greatly from it. This app will also be relevant for the college students and post-graduates.

Complete physics

This app is certain to restore a good name and reputation for one of the most feared high school subjects – physics. This software can promptly remind you of some of the major points hsc physics noted as highly important. The app is equally useful to beginners and the learners with ambition to upgrade their knowledge of physics with a bunch of tutorials in wide range of topics.

Top Educational Apps for Children by

Majority of children today are swayed by new gadgets and cool games. Embrace the tech trends and pick some educational apps to make kids’ learning process easier.

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