Top Mobile-friendly WordPress themes for Food Blogs and Wesbites

Although, it might seem like a niche specialisation, but blogs and websites about food recipes have become a highly lucrative business. It is quite obvious that our fascination with food and culinary arts goes beyond our biological need for sustenance. Today the preparation of food has become an art form and the portals serve as a perfect medium to display this art form to a global audience.

From centuries, food has been used as the tool to promote cultural diversity. With each country having specific resources, need and preferences, it’s no wonder that there are endless dishes to choose from. Be it the food that hails from distant continents or charming street side food, with one site or blog you can cover them all.

Moreover, these foodies can also aid local restaurants and vendors, gain a good amount of customers for their business. By reviewing different venues, food bloggers can actually advertise these places on the web. Looking from the business perspective, having a food site is a good career path, as the topic is virtually inexhaustible. You will never even run out of the things to write on and the more you write, the better collection you will have. To increase the progress, you can also start giving or taking cooking lessons as well.

However, your site or blog would be heavily judged on the basis of its quality. A sloppy and slow loading page will discourage the readers from reading your content. Thankfully, WordPress directory is loaded with plenty of high-quality and convenient themes which are particularly designed for Food sites & blogs. These themes can enhance every aspect of your site, showcasing and complementing your content.

Here’s the list of top five templates which you can use for your WordPress-based food site.


A crisp and responsive WordPress food and personal blog website theme. Kale offers a clean framework designed to meet the specific needs of food bloggers without any hiccups. You can also set up a shop within the Kale that too in a few minutes. Furthermore, if you already have a food blog, then you simply merge it in Kale.

It comes packed with stunning templates and layouts which will fit in all sorts of food images and recipes. Several restaurant owners, magazines, caterers, critics and famous bloggers have praised Kale. Apart from that, Kale offers several awesome features like inbuilt ads and recipe indexes. With the help of this feature, you can monetize your blog and share your recipes intuitively and effortlessly.


The site owners who appreciate the elegance and attention to minor details, for the Lily is the great asset. It has all the elements which will improve your blog, showcase the content in an attractive manner. With this innovative template at your disposal, you can quickly boost your view count.

Lily comes with 4 beautiful homepage variations, this template is nothing less than a masterpiece. If allowed to work as per its potential, your site would have a much better chance of convincing casual viewers to become regular followers.


It is one of the trending themes in the WordPress directory. For most of the users, have a sprawling site is simply cumbersome but with Gillion, all this can be possible. The developers of Gillion understand the needs for simplicity and harmony. Gillion will definitely boost your odds of success, given that it comes pre-optimised for the search engines.

The layout of this particular template is responsive towards mobile devices and it allows the portal to quickly adapt to different screen sizes of smartphones and tablets.


An excellent WP template that is capable of enhancing the look and feel of your food site. The product itself does all the heavy lifting, allowing the users to focus on the other creative aspects of the portal. In addition to the exceptionally well-written articles,  you can also add eye-catching images.

Gullvy has added an incredible layout builder tool and is powered by the Uikit Frontend framework. This is a state of the art tool which facilitates the creation of incredible pages. Gullvy’s minimalist approach implies that any unnecessary element is quickly discarded.


There only a few WordPress themes which can actually match up with the Soledad’s quality. This template comes pre-loaded with a big collection of useful features and promises to enhance your food blog site. The developer working behind Soledad spent countless hours and the investment seems to have paid off.

Soledad is the best-selling food template of the year  2016 and several popular food bloggers have praised of its quality and attention given to even minor details. With Soledad in place, your food portal will surely look amazing and the best part is you don’t have to be an expert to operate it. It has more than 250+ customisable visual options which can be toggled on/off at any time. The body of this template has 4 variations: boxed with colours, body boxed pattern, body boxed image and body full width.

Summing Up

In this post, you will read about top 5 WordPress themes suitable for food websites and blogs.

Written by Anna Jhonson

Anna Jhonson is a web developer by profession, a writer by hobby and works for Markupcloud, that provide psd to wordpress conversion . She loves sharing information regarding WordPress customization tips & tricks.

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