Top reasons why you need to invest in Android app development

Believe it or not, there would be no smartphone mobility without apps. Their worth is not hidden from us anymore. Using apps is such simple as a child can do that. Apps provide the true experience of on-the-go computing. For many of us, apps installed in a smartphone have become the first priority of life – whether we are relaxing at home or going for work. Apps help us even in unknown – when we are searching a place we have never visited before and when we are in country where people do not speak our language.

But this whole revolution could not have made possible without the contribution of Android – the open source mobile operating system by Google. If the true beginner of contemporary smartphone mobility is Apple then one who spread it across the world is Android. This OS, as mentioned above, is available for free to mobile vendors. They do not need to pay any direct fees for using the OS. In result, they are able to manufacture and offer mobile device in every possible budget.

Android introduced the affordable smartphone-mobility and almost inexpensive computing. Now those, who cannot even afford a television, can afford an Android powered smartphone. It all happened because of Android. So Google, by its OS – Android, has brought smartphone mobility in the reach of almost all the people who can spend as low as $100.

No doubt Android has created a big market for businesses which want to take its advantage and sell their offerings to more customers. Android is running in nearly 85 percent of smartphones users and more than 60 percent of tablet users globally.

There are certain benefits for businesses in investing Android application development like –

Worldwide reach in smartphone market

As I mentioned above, Android dominates the mobile market. The OS also leads in world’s three largest smartphone markets – China, U.S. and India. In India Android has captured 97 percent of smartphone market share. If you are trying to target India, China and other Asian countries, an Android app development will serve your purpose quite fruitfully.  In Europe Android holds 75.6 per cent of the market to Apple’s 18.9 per cent. Android is running in more than 64 percent of smartphones in Japan and 60 percent of smartphones in Australia. Needless to say, Android is the key player in global smartphone economy and if you haven’t planned an app for this platform, you are missing a lot…

Android offers low barriers to entry

Developing an app for iOS platform requires more investment in comparison to Android. You will need making heavy investment if you want to get it done by own development team. You will need Mac desktops for each of the developers in your team. Windows or Linux desktop will not work. Then you will need investing an amount of $99 for the Developers Account while Android, for the same, only charges $25, as a lifetime registration fees for any number of applications. Contrary to Android, Apple charges $99 as annual subscription fee.

Apps created using Java

Java is a proven software development technology. Developers have been using Java to create software for a variety of devices. It is an open source programming language providing free source code for its Java Development Kit (JDK). The complimentary advantage of Java is that it can run on a wide range of hardware & software configurations providing support to JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

There is no short of Java developers in the world. Many Java developers building software for legacy systems have now turned into Android developers due to rising popularity and growing acceptance of Android platform. In result, the cost of Android app development has also decreased.

Great at customization

When you choose Android as the platform for implementing your business app, you have limitless ways to customize not only the app but the OS itself. Android provides the best of the supports to the apps that require custom support and settings-alteration to perform their functioning. This feature is just not available in other OSs. If you need customizing the OS for internal computing requirements or for launching your own gadget, or device, Android lets you do that too.

A perfect platform

Android has the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market trends. It lets you update an app within an hour but, on the other hand, Apple has a lengthy process for the same thing. You can submit your app multiple times on Google Play but on Apple’s App Store, you will need waiting at least a week to launch the updates to your app.

Apart from allowing developers to upload the app multiple times, Play Store also offers Alpha and Beta releases which can be accessed by a set of members testing your application. These testers provide feedback that helps you in rectifying errors and making enhancement to your app. This proves that Android is the best platform to test an application.

Now Android has turned profitable too. Apps can generate revenue with suitable revenue-generation models like initial app purchases, in-app purchases and ads.

This is why expert app consultants and developers always recommend businesses to must include an Android app development while implementing mobility at their processes.

Written by Sofia

Sofia is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsofttechnologies, a prominent mobile app development company which provides ios and android app development services across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises

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