Top SEO Pitfalls That Can Demolish Your Search Engine Ranking Aspirations

According to the Search Engine Journal, a whopping 75% of online searchers never go beyond the first page of the search results. SEO, unless properly strategized and implemented, keeping in mind the very rapidly changing SEO environment and competitor activity will leave you in the doldrums struggling with poor traffic volume, a negative ROI, and every possibility of the business tuning turtle. Poor page rankings are not Google’s mistakes. It is mostly due to the SEO mistakes made by you. You can avoid such blunders once you know about them. Some common examples:

Lack of Useful Content

The primary reason for people to visit your website is to seek information, and unless they get top-quality content that is relevant, useful, and valuable in the context of their requirement, you will leave visitors dissatisfied. While recognizing the importance of the user experience, you will also need to worry about what Google perceives your site to be. Content should be original, current, and relevant with the word count ideally in the range of 1000-1200 words conveying your ability to offer in-depth information. Apply this guideline to your product pages as well with custom content describing the benefits of the product in detail.

Duplicate or Plagiarized Content

Google has a very clear policy about content that it encounters in two or more places. According to professionals at Tayloright, it simply gives a better rank to the pages that have more authority. Even content that might be your own but appearing on multiple pages of your site will send out confusing signals to Google and led to a dilution of the ranking. You need to ensure that all content on your site is original; even pages that need to carry the same information need to be written and presented differently.

Not Geared Up for Engagement

Visitors do not just discover your site and rush into buying. If they get a good first impression with the site loading speed, the presentation, and structure of your site as well as informative content, they would be more willing to engage with you. This is the opportunity for wowing them with your products and services. Use all the resources you can muster; images, videos, infographics, reviews, demos, etc. so that you lock them in. Once Google is able to make out that visitors spend a lot of time on your site and there are a fair number of conversions, it will pump up your ranking for better visibility.


Even when business owners have eliminated most of their obvious SEO mistakes, they can still end up getting nowhere simply because they are trying to appeal to everyone. When your optimization goals are too broad because you have not focused into a niche audience, you will end up making it difficult for yourself; simply because optimizing for generic keywords pitchforks you into an intense competition and you also may be attracting traffic with no intent to convert. Being more specific may limit your traffic volume but you are sure to get more conversions.

Written by mariajones

Maria Jones works for a marketing affiliate of Tayloright, a leading SEO agency. Maria often speaks and writes on SEO issues and trends for benefit of small business owners.

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