The Top Small Business Software for 2017

The Top Small Business Software for 2017 by

Every business owner wants their company to run smoothly. One way smaller businesses can stay productive and firing on all cylinders is with the right business software. Carefully selecting the business software your company uses can make or break the company’s operation. The software is used for numerous aspects of the company, tracking cashflow, expenses, taxes. It can be used to create presentations, send letters, and store details of customers and orders. Choosing the right software for your company makes a lot of difference. Here is a list to help you make the right decision.

The Top Small Business Software for 2017 by

Genbook is a simple solution for appointment booking. Customers can use Genbook and make appointments while business owners can manage the company and their employees. Clients can write reviews about the services provided, this is a great way to increase reputation among competition and acquire new clientele. All functions Genbook offers can be used on the go, since there is also a smartphone app that is easy to use. It provides you with a detailed analytics report of revenues, which can be sorted by date, service provided or a member of staff. Furthermore, this software allows payments to be made through it with ease.

When I work

When I Work is another scheduling software for small businesses. Its goal is to make getting appointments more simple and increase communication between employers and their employees. The software can keep track of any shift swapping that occurs and inform the employer about the changes made. There is an app available so new notifications can be delivered to staff’s smartphones. This also means that employees can check their schedule anytime they want, this should decrease chances of someone missing their shift. With this software, employees can easily clock in and out with their smartphones. When I Work can help business owners save time and increase accountability of their staff, this is bound to reflect in better operations of the company.

The Top Small Business Software for 2017 by

BambooHR is human resources tracking software, tailor made for smaller businesses. Using this software, will allow companies to throw out spreadsheets and digitalize all information about their employees. It has an easy to use design and all the information is well organized and easily accessible. Employers can access the data and add new employees using their smartphones. BambooHR also has benefits administration. This feature allows employers to assign benefits packages to employees and manage health plans. This software offers performance management that tracks goals and gives a more often performance tracking. It also allows managers to compare employees and decide who deserves a raise.


QuickBooks is a cloud based accounting software for smaller businesses. It has an easy to use interface, which will make the job easier for first timers. This software allows employers to customize documents themselves or choose from already made templates. It allows receipt creation, tracks any expenses made and can process any payment. It even keeps track of the company’s inventory. QuickBooks saves all previous reports,  making them easy to find if you ever need them again. There are many professional accounting services this software offers, which is why it is one of the most used accounting software in smaller businesses.

The Top Small Business Software for 2017 by

Time is money, and using the right business software can save you a lot of time. Saving valuable time opens the schedule for employers to tackle more tasks and meaningful work. With this software, business owners can track their employees and everything business related. Benefit plans, health care plans, employee performance, if there’s a change in working schedule, employers will know about it.

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