Understanding the Importance of a Good Website Design

So, you’ve come to terms with the fact that you pretty much don’t exist if you’re not on Google. Now, however, you need to understand why it’s important for your website to excel at its design. We hope that this article will convince you that a good design will, in fact, generate new business.

The importance of navigation

Without a doubt among the most important parts of website design, navigation plays a vital role in your online presentation’s outlook; it can make or break a site, especially if it’s robust and contains a large number of pages. This part of the website includes a navigation bar or a list of labels that help differentiate its various pages. Good navigation is easy to locate and comprehend; its very essence is making traveling through the entirety of the website quick and easy.

The biggest problem with this, however, is outlined in the fact that the designers tend to get carried away with, well, designs and fancy typefaces. Aim at simplicity, especially if your target audience includes a wide range of potential customers.

The importance of brand consistency

The very point of a logo is to support a brand. If your company uses it frequently in print materials, then your logo, as well as brand colors and imagery should be carried over onto the website design. Brand consistency is important because your customers should be able to recognize your brand in all forms of communication. This way, you can create a strong brand positioning.

Changes in the visual communication with a brand are associated with the customers feeling uncomfortable, which can ruin your company’s image.

The importance of reading patterns and SEO

In the English language, we are used to reading in the left-to-right direction, which means that we associate the start of written text with the top left corner of a paper or a screen. Seeing as how we tend to read from top to bottom, left to right, web designers need to take this factor into consideration, thereby placing the most important information in the upper left-hand column. This will make sure that the message is sent across more effectively for potential and returning customers.

What most people, even experts, don’t know is that this also influences search engine optimization (SEO). Essentially, including important company-related keywords into an HTML text boosts your search position on Google and Bing.

The importance of quality content and web hosting

The content that your website offers plays more than a vital role for your business. Posting quality, high-definition photographs and videos will give your web presentation a sleek, beautiful design that will attract people and make them look twice before leaving your page.

However, without quality written content, the visitors aren’t likely to stay for too long – the visuals can only take you so far. Choosing a quality web hosting provider that offers flexibility is of the essence if you want to experience good traffic.

Be careful, however, not to overdo it with the amount of text per page – visually cluttered web content will get you nowhere.

The importance of wording

The wording you use can have a direct impact on your conversion rates. For example, including the word ‘free’ when prompting people to sign up or download something can increase conversions significantly.

Webpage design plays a key role in how people perceive you as a brand. Realizing that your business needs a website is only the first step on the road towards a good webpage design.

Written by IslaWright

Isla is a psychology professor and tech enthusiast.
She is a well published blogger and editor at Technivorz.

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