All you wanted to know about converting your website into Android application

converting your website into Android application

Today, to be effective and do everything quickly and on time, we need to stay in touch with the whole world. So it is almost impossible to be fully engaged with people in business without using mobile apps or websites. When you are on the run and use a mobile device mostly, it’s not always comfortable to deal with websites. So what are we driving at? You need to think of mobile app development if you want to be consistent with the latest IT tendencies and engage more clients.

If you already have a website, this article will be helpful for you to understand how to convert it into an Android app.

Reasons why you need an Android app

It’s vitally important to take into account the category of people who use mobile phones a lot because more than 51% of search requests are made by mobile users and their part is growing constantly every day. Also, if you have a website already, launching an Android app will increase your customer’s loyalty. For example, you have a website of your cosmetic brand or an online shop. You may create an app for this shop or brand which provides some materials about skin care and allows your prospects buy products according to their needs.
Before making the final decision, you can make your website log analysis to see how many users visit it from mobile devices. We also recommend keeping in mind that the percentage of mobile users is growing significantly. So you will need it sooner or later anyway.

A mobile application or a website – what are the benefits?

Website pros:

  • no need to install on a mobile phone before usage – you just click on the website link and start using it;
  • availability for all platform users;
  • quicker and easier updates – once you have updated a website, it’s available for the users;
  • lower prices for a website development and support;
  • easier and cheaper promotion – you just create banner ads, promote in social nets and users come to your website, while seeing a banner of an app can’t guarantee you its installation.

Android app pros:

  • the much closer interaction between the app and the user by means of push notifications;
  • integration with the user’s device platform and broad access to the information on the mobile phone, which makes the interaction between the user and the app more personal;
  • higher user experience quality thanks to native design and logic;
  • a possibility to use an app offline is also a pleasant bonus for mobile phone users.

What you should know before creating an Android app

After analyzing all the pros and cons you have realized that you really need an Android app. Here are some moments which you should consider before converting your website into an app:

  • Mobile app development cost and promotion are usually higher than creating a website, but having two of them will significantly help you rank higher on Google search.
  • The design of your app will change a lot from your website due to the differences in screen sizes and the app logic workflows
  • Between a hybrid app or a native app, we strongly recommend choosing a native Android app development, because its work will be much smoother and provide your users with better user experience quality
  • Be ready to work hard to promote your app. But if you already have a website, the task will become much easier.

Converting your website into an Android app

You may surely use some services which can help you turn your website into an app. But if you want your app to impress your customers with high-quality design and smooth workflow, you better hire professional developers. Here are the steps they will perform converting your website into an app.

  • Analyzing website functionality and its design to see what should be implemented in your future app as is and what will be changed for the app.
  • Cost estimate according to the complexity of the future app and analyses made above.
  • UX/UI design and prototyping to see if you get the app you need and it performs its functions according to your concept. Here you can come up with some changes and new ideas to improve your product quality.
  • Development process itself, where the team of developers will work with the product’s back-end, database, security and many other subtleties for you to get a smoothly working and safe app.


We have briefly analyzed why it’s worth to make an Android app even if you have a website and gave you some points you should pay attention for once you decide to do this. Still, all websites have their own peculiarities. That’s why, to be totally satisfied with your future Android app, find a team of experienced mobile app developers who you can trust and who will understand your needs.

Written by Anoshyna

Anoshyna Olga is a copywriter at Cleveroad, an experienced mobile and web development company from Ukraine.

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