Web Development Trends 2017 to Thrill Web Developers to Bits

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The technology trends in web development keeps on changing with each passing day in the web development sector!

As we can see that the technologies in the web development is changing in the blink of an eye. New astonishing web development trends keeps on hitting the market and replaces the old technology. Web Development Company also make use of the latest trends in website designing and development and for giving the best services to their clients and gain good profits. Being updated is much needed in today’s date.

Business people around the world are looking forward to have a feature rich website for their business growth and making it profitable one. This has led to introduction of new technological advancements in the web development that helps making the website developing process simple and hassle-free. If we see from the customers prospective, then everybody is making use of the online medium for their day-to-day works like banking, shopping, reading, etc and many other tasks. Every year some new techniques are coming up for the programmers, engineers, designers, developers who create the elegant websites for large scale or small scale businesses.

So, dear website programmers, developers out there! Are you all set to try your hands on developing and creating websites by making use of the latest 2017 trends in web development? If yes, then keep reading further:

8 Flabbergasting Web Development Trends in 2017

#1 Static website developing will be in trend:

These professionals will be ruling the website developing segment in the year 2017. They are well-versed in creating websites from the plain text and also gets stored in files but not in any databases. At some situations, these static websites created by the generators like Jekyll, and does enable various benefits like growing of speed, highly secured also for handling the traffic increase too. APIs and Content Delivery Networks are growing in trend and so it is simple to use the templates and contents. The template separation and markup from “full stack” kind of thinking will be just creating the static site creators the fully “IT” thing again.

#2 Rails 5 in 2017:

The upcoming version in Rails established in June 2016 and is highly growing in demand, will also be leading technology in 2017. It will also provide amazing features to web programmers and developers like the blending with rails_api gem in codebase. ActionCable also makes web developing by Rails easier. Even the Turbolinks 5 enables engineers for creation of Single Page like applications through Rails stack by empowering links to fetch full HTML pages. Top Web Development Company will help you in your web developing needs and requirements.

#3 Angular 2 will also be trending:

The new Angular 2 release in the Angular JS will also be taking the website creation world by storm in the year 2017. Professionals in website generating also embrace the features of JavaScript ES6 and all the apps are being written in TypeScript and new updates also keep coming in this technology.

#4 Yarn package manager:

Yet another thrilling trend and in this package managers are the top-rated and pre-eminent tools for frontend JavaScript communities also. The website creators can easily install, configure, update and also uninstall the coding modules in it, through applications. It is done by interaction with code modules registry and managing different dependencies which are there in code modules. There is also the famous package manager which can be seen as created by Facebook, by joining hands with Exponent, Tidle and Google. This is also sure to be trending in 2017.

#5 AI (Artificial Intelligence) is growing trend:

Artificial Intelligence is also growing trend in the sector of website making. There is various advancing technology in this regard for those professionals. Giant companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft are also coming with this technology advancing to enhance the search engines. Professionals in creating websites will have faster access for important tools in AI development and so these professionals will use this thrilling technology for the web developing segment.

#6 Virtual Reality is also the best to go with in 2017:

VR or the Virtual Reality will also be the leading upcoming technology in the web developing part. Game sector are already using the features of this technology. As we can see, there are also the Oculus Rift and Vive to watch out for in the gaming development segment. Mozilla and Google have begun to work on the APIs for helping VR technology transition at web platform. It will be not be wrong to say that the Virtual Reality will be taken to the next level in website creating trend and this includes the news coverage, and also to the virtual real estate part tours.

#7 IOT (Internet of Things):

One of the most advancing technology in today’s date and will be advancing in the year 2017. In this, the non-internet connected objects are also just provided with network connectivity for the data receiving and sending. You will be able to find the objects connected like motors, kettle, sensors which are being embedded at concrete for cracks detection part. IT professionals in creating websites might not be directly getting involved for these kinds of devices making. You can also see top level companies like BugLabs, Xively are just going with this tech APIs which are meant for usage by developers and programmers for interaction through the IOT devices. Well, IOT also provides the good opportunities regarding the innovation and some issues which are coming also have the security. There will also be some of the challenges ahead that IT website creating professionals have to come across and this does help for the safeguarding fittings and furnishings by the hackers present around.

#8 Website design is also progressing:

If website designing sector is to be seen, then there are also amazing trends you must check out for:

  • There will also be movement based interfaces and this will be loaded everywhere on the web. While joined with libraries like tracking.js, the interfaces which also respond for hand movements can just be much closer.
  • Typography will also be prevailing and it will just be very large.
  • In current scenario, people desire to have appealing ways for getting their information much faster. With this, there will also be growing trend in using storytelling and video techniques.

Summing Up:

All the website making professionals! Did you love this super-amazing blog regarding web developing trends 2017? I am sure this might have thrilled you to bits. There are numerous Best Web Development Companies which will help you in your website development requirements. With this, I would like to conclude that the above mentioned are the latest trends in tech world for developing attractive and user-friendly websites.

Written by RahulMathur

Rahul Mathur is the founder and managing director of the ARKA Softwares, a company renowned for its outstanding mobile app development and website development solutions as well as high-end digital marketing services. He has been in the IT industry for more than 8 years with a specialization in .Net. Apart from successfully playing his part in a leading software development company, he is an avid reader and writer of technology related articles and blogs.

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