What makes Twitter Bootstrap an excellent framework for web development?

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What makes Twitter Bootstrap an excellent framework for web development?

When it comes to front-end web development, we have a multitude of frameworks to choose from. Amongst this huge list of frameworks, Twitter Bootstrap has been able to snatch the limelight. If you’re still wondering as to why I’m so much confident about the effectiveness of Twitter Bootstrap framework, continue reading this post. Here, I’ve compiled a list of reasons that back the growing popularity and use of the Twitter Bootstrap framework. So, let’s take a closer look at these reasons.

  1. Designing responsive websites and apps becomes a cake walk with Twitter Bootstrap

Backed by a fluid grid layout, Twitter Bootstrap serves as an excellent option for designing fully responsive websites and web applications. If you’re a developer who’s focusing on mobile-first development, then Twitter Bootstrap framework is for you. This framework cuts down all the additional time and effort that is otherwise consumed on making changes to the markup with every new screen width that you need to design for.

  1. Faster web development is guaranteed with Twitter Bootstrap

If you’ve to meet strick deadline regarding the delivery of your next website/app development project, Twitter Bootstrap is the framework that will serve as your perfect partner. All you need to do is simply grab one of the truly stunning templates, perform a few style alterations, include some superb images/functionality and you’re done. Since Twitter Bootstrap has been created keeping the device and cross-browser compatibility factors in mind, you get to save on the debugging time too.

  1. Twitter Bootstrap is ever-evolving with the release of new updates

Unlike the jQuery UI framework, Twitter Bootstrap framework comes with a new update on a lot more frequent basis. In other words, as soon as an issue is being reported on Twitter Bootstrap’s online forum, the Bootstrap team starts looking into and fixing the same on an immediate basis.

  1. Twitter Bootstrap is fully customizable

One of the greatest assets of Twitter Bootstrap framework is that you can modify it to suit your specific preferences. In simple words, if you’re intending to tailor your web development project, Twitter Bootstrap is the framework that will offer you such a flexibility.

  1. Complete consistency during project execution

Originally released with the idea to pair designers with developers, Twitter Bootstrap ensure complete consistency regardless of who is working on a particular web design and development project. Also, the consistency doesn’t get affected from the kind of browser that you’re using, for eg: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

  1. Integration becomes a breeze with the Twitter Bootstrap framework

Integrating new changes into an already existing website can be quite daunting. Thanks to the Twitter Bootstrap framework, you can simply fetch the desired styles and copy the same into your current CSS file for integrating the style changes into your website. The best thing about working with Twitter Bootstrap is that in addition to naccomplishing the integration faster, you can get on with tweaking designs to any level.

  1. Adding classes into a particular HTML element is easy and quick

Well, you might be thinking that given an opportunity to add any classes into a specific HTML elements would perhaps make your HTML unsemantic. Well, with Twitter Bootstrap framework, this is no more a thing to worry about. Just dig deeper into the Bootstrap source code and you’ll find that adding multiple classes into an HTML element won’t end up in making your HTML non-semantic.

  1. Twitter Bootstrap is backed by a well-defined documentation

Backed by an impressive documentation, Twitter Bootstrap framework has everything that would help you in getting started with the creation of fantastic websites and web applications. Just browse through its detailed documentation and you’ll find information on everything related to using the framework in the most appropriate way.

  1. Twitter Bootstrap comes with a small learning curve

Since Bootstrap is a perfect blend of all the modular approach to web development, you need nnot spend a lot of time learning the way to use the framework. Just focus on your target design and Bootstrap will serve as your best help tool.

  1. Twitter Bootstrap is future-ready

It is interesting to note that Bootstrap is loaded with elements that are believed to be the future of web design and development. For instance, both HTML5 and CSS3 will continue to remain the ‘BIG’ things in the future and hence embracing the Bootstrap framework will open innovative web design and development opportunities even in the years ahead.


With such eye-catchy reasons behind the ever-growing use of Twitter Bootstrap framework, I’m sure you too would’ve taken the decision of working with this stunningly cool framework.

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