How To Write Engaging Social Media Content: Tips & Tricks

Social media platforms are an essential part of any business marketing plan today. Business content creators need to understand how it all works to reach the desired engagement results. The following tips and tools will help you increase engagement and build the loyal customer relationships.

Consider Mobile Content

Marketers need to think about how content will be presented on a mobile application and use this to their advantage. People on the go, for instance, may be looking for a close location of the physical store, so consider adding a map feature.

Curate Selected Content

Curating content means finding, organizing and sharing online content geared specifically towards your target audience (and how they interact online). You should provide a customized, vetted selection of the best and most relevant resources on the topic you are discussing.

Tell a Story

Share how a customer solved a problem with your product, or link to a story about a hometown hero. No matter the story, tell your readers something other than bullet point listed facts. This is also a way to help content creators tie in their blog content, and make it easier to share content via your social networks.

Get Instant Feedback

Use criticism to elevate your site and its content. This is an easy, and often free way to solve marketing problems and to help reach business goals. You can also reach out and ask for the feedback you need through product or service reviews, live Twitter chats, surveys and brand mentions

Understand Keywords and Use Them Strategically

When posting on social media you need to include keywords, however, they need to be natural. Use them in the ‘about’ section of your site, as well as in social profiles, posts, each URL for social networks and in the titles of blog posts.

Ask Questions

Use questions as call to action phrases and to get your audience talking. See what they think and watch their responses. Use their thoughts; likes and dislikes to better curate your content. And remember to be human and relatable.

Dove asks one simple question of their fans and audience with the Facebook post pictured below. There is simply no better way to get a conversation going or to engage your audience, than asking a question.


Use Online Tools to Increase Engagement

Portent’s Title Maker – Titles need to be unique and creative. Try Portent’s title maker for interesting way of displaying your titles. Simply add a word or phrase and get endless generated ideas.

Pablo Buffer – This is the perfect source for royalty-free images. The site contains a library of 50,000+ royalty-free photos making it easy to find one that works for your post.

Hootsuite – This social media dashboard offers a way to discover when and how it’s best to engage readers. Instead of paying attention to the tweets in a stream, Hootsuite keep an eye on articles, videos, and images that are linked from tweets.

NinjaEssays – This professional writing service will help writers create engaging content for any topic. Their degree holding members can help with structure, research, proofreading and editing, and their blog is full of useful inspiration as well.

Roojoom – This online source lets users create mini-sites with Emagazines and Enewsletters. These include personalized content for each user, making it easy to curate content.

Ritetag – If you are confused on how to properly use and create hashtags, you need a tool like Ritetag. The source helps you form hashtags that will be effective and helps you know when and where to use them.

Buffer – this social media management tool is a lifesaver for busy content creators. Schedule, post and share your content, while also searching for key influencers and your target audience.

Tell a Joke

Getting your audience to laugh is the key to reaching high engagement levels. Even if your product or business does not center on entertainment, humor is a universal way to connect us as human beings. It speaks to the personality of your business as well, and lets your readers get to know you better as well. Share a fun meme or make a relevant joke to help your audience relate to your brand identity.charmin

Charmin tweeted a hilarious joke about streaming while streaming, that was witty and laugh out loud funny. Although they don’t mention using toilet paper at all, the joke got people engaged and listening to what Charmin has to say.

Conduct Interviews

Pick an A-lister inside or outside of your company and ask them for an interview. Do your best to find key influencers relevant to your product or service. And ask questions about topics your audience will find important.

Include infographics & slideshows

Infographics are an effective way to communicate data visualizations. You don’t want to present just text, you want to use infographics to say what might take 4 paragraphs of text to present. Slideshare presentations are also rising in popularity and are a visually stunning way to present facts to your readers.

Allianz is the company that loves gathering statistics and crating infographics. And here is its latest Facebook post:


Add a Pop Culture Reference

Pop culture references are often a good way to add some humor to your content, and a great way to show your business is relevant. This will also help keep your content fresh, fun and relatable, and should be used in reference to your material, content and brand.
The outdoor goods retail company REI leveraged the forthcoming zombie apocalypse to build their own pop culture reference for their audience. And with shows like the Walking Dead, zombies are definitely a pop culture craze.

Write Tutorials

Use your resources and business know-how to teach your audience. Let them have access to the information you do and give them something they want. Put together a tutorial about some aspect of your business, or in relation to your product and service, and keep it short and sweet.
Here is how Nutella teaches its audience to cook.


Talk about Your Staff

Let people get to know the people behind the brand. Feature your employees in your content and let the audience get to know the people. In such a constantly connected world, these sites can often feel impersonal. So share the unique personalities inside your company and how they contribute to your culture.

Spruce up Quotes

Take a quote and make it a visual masterpiece for brand awareness. Don’t just include the text of the quote in your content, use image creations tools and design templates to turn the quote into a social media square of inspiration.

Online magazine and female lifestyle blog headed up by actress Zooey Deschanel offers up some great quotes that have been made into marketable graphics (like the one pictured above). This Instagram post not only demonstrates their corporate style but also starts a conversation that gets their audience involved.


Giveaways & Competitions

A great way to generate excitement is to offer a giveaway or a discount. This is a good way to get fans and customers involved and to feel rewarded for their loyalty.
Competitions can include showcasing photos and following your site on a social platform for entry, and best photo wins!

Here is how Connot McDavid is organizing his giveaway on Twitter:

Use these tips and tools as your guide, and start creating engaging social media content today!

Written by Robert Morris

Robert Morris is a blogger and content marketing specialist. He lives in New York and enjoys sharing tips to help people explore the digital world.

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